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1325 4 axis CNC router for 3D patterns engraving and cutting

1) Advanced digital control system, large liquid crystal display brings out more convenient operation, simpler maintenance and more human nature on the design of the machine.

2) The three axies use linearity square guide rail and drive which could meet different cutting demand and has high cutting precision.

3) Unique intelligent calculation fully develops the potential of the electric machinery and leads to high speed processing, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, smoother curves and race speed.

4) Large internal memory capacity of 32M is able to store 30 processing files simultaneously and open and process any of them.

5)This model uses advanced controlling system. It uses imported square shape guide rail and the transmission is steady.

6) It equipped with aluminum work table with special design, which can endure much weight.

On the base of 2030, it uses the vacuum work table, which can adsorb the wood dust, and make the environment clean. And it adopts a more advance XYZ Auto-oil-feeding system.

SIGN A8- 1325 -L12
X, Y Working size
Z feed Height
Table Surface
Vacuum and T-slot Combined
X, Y Structure
Rack and Pinion Drive, Linear Square Guide Rail
Z Structure
Linear Square Guide Rail and Ball Screw
Max. Power Consumption
(Without spindle) 2.0Kw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Spindle Power
9.0KW HQD ATC spindle
   Degree available 

   180 degree
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Yaskawa 750W servo motor and drivers
  Japan Shimpo reducer

Working Voltage
Command Language
G code
Control System
SYNTEC 60WE 4 axis system
X,Y,Z repositioning Accuracy
X,Y Resolution
Running Temperature
0 degree - 45 degree
Relative Humidity
30% - 75%
7.5KW pump

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